Traditional burial is a time-honored way to lay to rest a departed loved one. In-ground burial involves a casket and grave with a marker or headstone, as permitted in specific sections.

Families can plan and arrange for perpetual care that provides individual and meticulous care for grave plantings and year-round maintenance of the grave. Payments toward perpetual care plans remain in an irrevocable trust fund, and are invested in a manner consistent with the laws of the State of New Jersey to guarantee the grave is maintained forever.

Grave Sales

For most of us, our mortality is a subject we are reluctant to address. Yet, the most responsible of families own life insurance policies that would provide benefits to loved ones following a death. To arrange a discussion with one of our skilled counselors concerning pre-need grave purchasing, and to learn how thousands of families have been relieved of after-death anguish, we invite you to contact our office.

What greater expression of everlasting love can there be than arranging funeral and burial matters well in advance of anticipated need. Certainly, this practice is a thoughtful and fitting final tribute and an eloquent demonstration of true love.

Selection of a final resting place for a loved one certainly deserves careful consideration. Pre-need planning spares survivors the burden of hurrying to make decisions and the need to accommodate sudden expenses during their time of grief. By arranging in advance for a final resting place, the possibility of regret, doubt and indecision at a time of emotional distress can largely be eliminated.

Many have found it convenient to do this when preparing their “Living Will”, “Last Will & Testament” or when they attend to their Estate Planning needs. The election of a convenient payment plan is often arranged at this time. The wisdom of arranging funeral and cemetery needs in advance also locks in prevailing costs, as opposed to absorbing seemingly ever-increasing annual maintenance costs.